VTT quality test
CTI applied VTT(National Institute of Technology of Finland) test of our products, asphalt roofing shingles according to EN544. Finally CTI got the Test Certificate with a very satisfactory result.
VTT Fire test
CTI applied VTT (National Institute of Technology of Finland) Fire Test according to ENV 1187:2002. Finally CTI shingles became only Korean shingles which meet all particular European requirements.
CTI got CE MARK which is mandatory European marking to indicate conformity with essential health and safety requirements in European directives.
Russian Fire safety certificate
CTI passed Russian fire safety certificate to ensure the conformance of the product to the fire safety requirements stipulated in federal laws of the Russian Federation on fire safety, on technical regulation of the Russian government, as well as new rules and procedures of the fire safety certification of the product and service.
Russian Gost-R
CTI got passed Gostr which certifies quality of actually supplied goods and their compliance with contractual terms.
Russian Hygienic
Certificate CTI got passed hygienic certificate confirms conformity of products and services to the sanitary norms and strict observance of the established rules in the process of manufacture.
ISO 9001
CTI got ISO 9001 certificate to strengthen our enterprise competitive power as setting up a system which produces

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